Edgar Allan Poe: The Poet's Journey
An Evening with Edgar Allan Poe

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Tim Hoban as Edgar Allan Poe.

Edgar Allan Poe: The Poet's Journey

Tim Hoban as Edgar Allan Poe in Edinburgh, Scotland.The only thing more intriguing than Edgar Allan Poe’s work was his life. Spend an hour with the master poet, critic and renowned author as he tours and tries to woo subscribers for a new magazine he is desperately trying to get started, The Stylus. A publisher has promised to launch the magazine if Poe can guarantee 1000 readers. Set in an 1849 literary salon, Poe alternates from intimate conversations with his audience to lectures on the state of American literature and the philosophy of composition, to diatribes on his most hated contemporaries, Longfellow and Emerson. And, of course, recites from some of his well-known works. Little does Poe know but in a matter of months, he will be dead.

Tim Hoban transfixes the audience as Edgar Allan Poe, pacing the aisles and reciting from his works. Tim has been performing Poe around the Pacific Northwest for the past year. Tim has performed Poe at schools, and has also toured several other shows in the Puget Sound area. Tim was even invited to Scotland for a performance as Poe to an international audience. Tim Hoban as Edgar Allan Poe.

" . . . Tim Hoban's delivery is polished . . . he holds the stage magnificently, and the audience is given a genuine glint of Poe's soul." -- Review from The Complete Guide to the Edinburgh Festival (Edinburgh, Scotland)

"I saw Tim perform as Edgar Allan Poe at a community library. The sitting audience alone was double what staff had originally set up for. They had to borrow chairs from every room in the building. Mostly the adults sat and the children stood . . . and the students just kept coming. Even after the performance began they still came in twos and threes. They sat on the floor. They watched through the shelves between books. Tim kept their attention. And when he performed The Tell-Tale Heart you could almost hear the beating of the dead man's heart as Tim's character went insane before our eyes. It was captivating . . . and wonderful."
-- Don Doman of Northwest Adventures

Tim Hoban as Edgar Allan Poe.Edgar Allan Poe: The Poet’s Journey was written by Pacific Northwest playwright Bryan Willis, and premiered in 1998 in the small Northwest town of McCleary, Washington. Bryan is remembered for his critically acclaimed play Sophie, which premiered at the Festival Fringe in 2002. Sophie has since been performed at numerous Washington State locations, and was recently presented on BBC Radio this past spring, as well as in New York as a staged reading. Bryan has studied playwriting in London, New York, and Ohio. His work has been seen in Seattle, Chicago, New York, as well as in numerous locations around the Pacific Northwest.

Tim Hoban starring in Edgar Allan Poe: The Poet’s Journey brings Poe's life and obsessions to your stage. For more information, e-mail: tjhoban@wamail.net

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