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Tim Hoban, Actor

Tim is a native Tacoman and has acted throughout western Washington and as far away as Edinburgh, Scotland. He was a founding member of The Twilight Zone Players, a sketch comedy group, in 1982. He first appeared at Tacoma Little Theatre in 1985 and many times since.

Tim has been a member of several improv groups since 1985, the last being The Lab Monkeys. He toured parts of the state for the Centennial in 1988-89, portraying a railroad construction foreman from the Northern Pacific Railroad. He has also toured the Puget Sound area, going to schools from elementary to high school.

Tim achieved celebrity status when he co-starred as Chick Hunter in the West Coast cult-favorite cable television show The Spud Goodman Show. He was the perfect comic foil when meeting entertainment and sports stars.

He has numerous industrial videos to his credit and has appeared in a few locally produced movies. But the stage is where he wants to be. He has credits from all the Tacoma theaters, plus Seattle to the north and Olympia to the south. He is very grateful to his family for their patience in his absence; to Bryan Willis for writing Tim's one-man-show, Edgar Allan Poe: The Poet's Journey; to David Wright for directing it; and to Edgar Allan Poe for leaving such a monumental body of work in so short a time.

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